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How to compete with PowerPoint? By arguing that persuasion should be as artful as you are.

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Presenting Keynote.
Because there’s nothing more deadly than bullets.

With taste and simplicity, Keynote helps you distill raw thoughts into rousing arguments. And stir your audience with presentations that awaken their senses, tickle their intellects, get under their skins.
    Keynote offers a clearly superior way to gather, refine, and present your ideas. In an environment that’s intuitive to grasp. More conducive to the free flow of thought. And ultimately, more inspiring of your best work. Because it’s not designed around a hash of tired paradigms, but around something more enduring and supple.

The ways you really think.

You know: In razor-sharp images and abstract visions. In pictures and words and numbers. In artful blends of image and motion, sound and emotion, hard facts and flights of fancy. And yes, in tables, charts, graphs, and bullet points, too. Keynote doesn’t change the tools of communication. But it does change the rules by which they’re used, and your ability to use them -- all of them -- with new freedom, flexibility, and elegance.
    Simply put, Keynote refuses to impose upon you anyone else’s rigid idea of what a presentation is. So you’re free to make yours exactly what it should be -- a celebration of your own style of winning people over.

The ways you really persuade.

Not to mention excite. Inspire. Influence. Cajole. Charm. Sweet talk. And otherwise spin the world’s point of view in your discerning direction.
    No matter what your agenda, Keynote crafts your arguments with whatever media are most engaging -- using whatever elements are close at hand. Or eye. Or ear. Sound bites? Photos? Stock art? Film clips? Quotes? Bullets? Drag them and drop them. Keynote’s interface is more than visual. It’s tactile. On the fly, Keynote continually lets you see exactly what your presentation looks like. And as you  finesse it, Keynote handles your inevitable leaps of thought with unrivaled ease -- from 30,000-foot overview to slide-by-slide detail. Because, ingeniously, in Keynote’s interface both views are always on screen, accessible with a click.
    The result? From broad strokes to finishing touches, from set-up to punch line, Keynote brings your presentations to life -- because you always feel like you’ve got your hands on the material.
    Which, ultimately, ensures that people get a firm grip on your ideas.

The ways your audience really gets it.

Face it, you’re putting on a show. And because persuasion is an art, presentations demand to be artful. But not everyone has access to a top-notch design department -- or the time to use one, even if they could.
    Enter Keynote. Right out of the box, Keynote’s built-in palette of visual themes establishes a new standard for the elegance and appeal of your presentations. And Keynote’s intuitive, easy-to-master animation techniques put you in command of what can only be described as a cinematic experience. Transitions aren’t just transitions -- they’re evocative fades and dreamy dissolves. Beautifully-rendered charts and graphics can build, step by step, in ways that command attention and stimulate memory. Motion, sound, music -- all add drama and depth to presentations that instantly stand apart from the crowd.
    In short, Keynote offers the indefinable dash of showbiz gloss that wordlessly communicates a high degree of professionalism, thoughtful preparation, and sound judgment.
    Which can only reflect well on the most crucial element in conveying your ideas: